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H. H. Sri Swami Vidyanandaji Saraswati Maharaj  (Swami Virajeshwara's Guru) 


Paramapujya Gurudev Sri Swami Virajeshwara 'Hamsa'   


Swami Vidyananda Saraswathi
Swami's Guru

Swami Virajeshwara 'Hamsa'
Hamsa Ashram

              People visit holy men to seek their blessings. The purpose of visit may not be the same for everyone. As said in Bhagavadgita they are of four kind: aartah (distressed), jijnasu (seeker of Truth), artharthi (seeker of wealth) and jnani ( man of wisdom). Most often they are of the first and the third category i.e. the distressed by some kind of suffering in samsara searching for redress or the greedy seeking wealth, power and position. The second and the fourth category are rare and few indeed.

       Whoever comes to a sage with whatever intentions gets the proper attention and benefits he deserves, because the sages keep equal vision on all. However it is the second kind, jijnasu, with the real renunciation and hunger for true knowledge, who deserves the most help and gets more attention.

        Many people have been visiting Hamsa Ashramam and website is for all sorts of queries to clear their doubts. The person is Hamsa also known as Swami Virajeshwara. Hamsa, actually Parama Hamsa was the name conferred on him by Revered Guru Swami Vidyananda Saraswathi a year before latters maha samadhi. Visitors have been coming to the ashramam to clear their doubts. Although they come with many doubts, all are not at ease to ask all their doubts due to some internal or external inhibitions; some find their doubts cleared just being in this holy environment without asking, while others forget their questions when they reach the place, still others fail to frame their questions properly and some feel bashful to ask. However, the answers provided to one seeker are of great help to others as well, because the questions are often similar. An average man having listened and understood once in the holy atmosphere, invariably forgets what was heard after a while, especially when he leaves this environment and drowns himself in worldly busy life, therefore he needs to be kept reminded repeatedly to continue his sadhana along the lines suggested in order to attain the goal. Therefore the need was felt to develop this site, which could use to serious seekers.

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