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Swami VIRAJESHWARA- A Scientist transformed into Mahayogi Spiritual Giants have walked this earth and Swami is one such rare colossal spirit. Hamsa,known as Swami Virajeshwara, is living a simple ascetic life on a remote hill in the rustic village Anusoni of the Tamilnadus most neglected district Dharmapuri.

        From the beginning he was sharp, intelligent, analytical minded, interested in Yoga, Pranayama and meditation; After Ph D. in Physics in USA, worked there as an eminent scientist. But Suddenly he renounced everything,resigned the prestigious post, returned to India due to instinctive divine urge, wandered in North India and Himalayas in search of right Master (to do Spiritual Sadhana) finally met with face to face his revered Guru  and continued his intense tapas.

        How finally the divine revelation occurred and he graced the scared visions of Lord Sri Rama, Bhagavan Krishna and Ma Saraswathi are well documented in his auto bio-grapy," A Scientist's search for truth ".

Brief chronology of events:

1933 - Born in Udupi, South India.

1959 - Left for USA After M.Sc. from Bombay University, to join New Jersry State University for Ph. D., program in Polymer Physics under Dr. Strauss.

1960 - 'Mantradeeksha' from Guru Suryanandji  from India through Letter and commencement of 'Sadhana' in 'Astanga' Yoga' Prakriya in solitude.

1963 - Award of Doctorate degree and passing away of Poojya Suryanandaji at Mahwu. (M. P. - India), Visited India and took guidance in Pranayama and higher steps in Astanga Yoga from Swami Vidhwananda, Guru of Swami Suryananda and returned to USA.

1964-65 - Instructor in Pediatrics & Research Associate in Medical college of State University of New York, Brooklyn, New York

1965 - Joined the prestigious IBM- New York as Scientist in its Electronics R & D wing , responsible for the development of III generation computer IBM.-360. Continuation of Antaranga Sadhana and intense experience of Devine Kundalini Power rising from Muladhara Chakra upto Sahasrara through Sushumma Nadi by piercing the subtle chakras, with siddhis perceived like clairvoyance, Astral Projection etc. but rejection of all as price Realisation of Advaita Brahman.

1970 - Due to all divine call, resigned the prestigious, converted post at IBM (new York) and returned to India wandering as ascetic and finally drawn towards the Guru revered Swami Vidyananda to finish reminder of Prarabda Karma.

1971 - Returned to America at all behest of Swami Vidyananda to finish reminder of Prarabda Karma.

1972 - Once again returned back to Rishikesh with deep sense of conviction; continued intensified Tapas under the tutelage of his Guru by listening and contemplating on the sacred discourse of 'shruthis'. Finally realised the all pervading omnipotent. eternal 'Self (Parabrahman) by divine grace.

1972-89 - Lived mostly in Himalayas in Deharadun and in Rishikesh except for occasionally pilgrimage.

1990-98 - Stayed in the Cave in Halimau in Bangalore on Banarghatta Road.

1999 - Since June 1999, Swami has moved to 'Hamsa Ashramam' a small refreshing, peaceful abode in Anusoni Village 6 km from Kelamangalam, which is about 20 km from Hosur. (Tamil Nadu).

Swami knows Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and English and to a lesser extent Tamil, Marathi and Gujarathi also.


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