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Anusoni, (via) Kelamangalam
TamilNadu - 635 113


Hamsa Swami  is always  in the Ashram. Generally no piror appointment is required.

Swami is available only for guiding sadhaks (serious seekers of truth) from 10.00 am to 12.30 noon and from 2.30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Visitors are requested to visit Ashramam preferably in Indian attire. People wearing jeans are not allowed in visiting room.

Directions to reach Hamsa Ashramam

Located in Tamilnadu, it is only about 65 kms, from Bangalore and is easily accessible by road.

From Bangaore (65 Kms )

1. People wishing to see swami, By bus, can catch any Tamil Nadu Bus from Bangalore, bound for Hosur- Salem -Krishnagiri, and alight at Hosur. Then catch another bus from Hosur to Kelamangalam and from there another bus to Anusoni village. There are a few buses from K.R. Market, Bangalore, directaly to Anusoni. (Bangalore - Hosur - Kelamangalam -Anusoni) 

Direct Bus timings From  Bangalore : (Pl. verify the timings)

        1. KSRTC   Kalasipalyam (K R Market):    7:15 am

        2. SKMS   Kalasipalyam (K R Market):      9:45 am

        3. KSRTC   Kalasipalyam (K R Market):    2:15 PM

        4. SKMS   Kalasipalyam (K R Market):      4:15 PM

        5.  KSRTC   Kalasipalyam (K R Market):    7:15 PM

2. By car, can enter Hosur Hi-way road in Bangalore and before Hosur turn at at Attibele ( Karnataka Board village) take a right turn, go via T.V.S. factry road can reach Kelamangalam directly and to Anusoni village. (Bangalore - Attibele - T.V. S. Factory Road - Kelamangalam -Anusoni)

From Krishnagiri (50 Kms )

3. From Chennai via Krishnagiri and Rayakottai to Anusoni route may be convenient. (Krishnagiri -  Rayakottai -Anusoni)

There is motorable road all the way to the Ashramam. From Anusoni bus stop the Ashramam is situated at a distance of about 1KM.

There is no Telephone at the Ashramam. Post is the only way of comminication .



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Last Updated: Sat Mar 26, 2011