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Science of Bhagavadgita (ISBN 81-900827-1-X)

A study of ancident wisdom through modern science



   Note - Book is available in English and Japanese.

      Science of Bhagavad Gita is a novel approach to understand Gita through modern science. It covers all aspects of yoga, Vedanta and scientifically clears doubts and objections of critics of religion in lucid flow easily understood by average readers. Attracted by its scientific appeal,

     Bhagavadgita occupies a prominent place in the religious literature of India, second to Upanishads, and is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity for several reasons.

     First, its language is simple, easy enough to understand with an elementary knowledge of Samskritam in comparison with the more difficult language of the Upanishads.

     Second, it servers as a practical guide of religion and philosophy even to a common man.

      Third, it contains the essence of all religions and guides men in all walks of life, saint and sinner alike, to the highest knowledge of the self.

     Forth, it does not forbid the uninitiated, nor those not belonging to the privileged class, and therefore can be studied by anyone who has deep devotion and firm faith in God, regardless of religious affiliation, as the book itself declares.

     Fifth, unlike others this piece of religious literature, contains no myths or unauthentic blind beliefs; therefore it appeals to scientific mind.

     Sixth, it is a storehouse of knowledge containing the highest truth in the most precise language and is capable of giving solace to the distressed.

      Finally, the truths contained in the Bhagavadita have remained unswayed by the tide of time and are quite germane to the problems of modern life as they were to the ancients.

     The book, narrow the gap between the ancident wisdom and the modern scientific philosophy, and help those wavering on the path, due to apparent anomaly between science and religion to set their mind firmly on Truth. 

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