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amavasya- new moon day

anadi- eternal, beginningless 

anatma-not Atma, matter everything other than the Atma                  

apamana- an insult

apara- lower, inferior

bhajan- meditation, devotional singing

bhashyam- a commentary

bhavatita- beyond imagination or mind


chandra- moon, lunar, related to moon

chit- pure consciousness

chitta vritti- mental activity

daivadhina- dependent on or will of God

dakshinayana- southern movement of sun

deha vasana- attachment to body

devaloka- heaven

dvaiti- one who believes in dvaita, duality.

Hiranya garbha- Brahma, soul invested with  subtle body

Indra- king of Gods, Brahma

indriya- organs of sense or action

jiva- life, life principle, living being,

jivatma - a living soul

jnanagni-  the fire of supreme knowledge

Jnana kanda- Upanishads, Gita and other books of  highest knowledge of Brahma.

karma bija- seed of activity, residual karma for rebirth

karma kanda - portions of Veda which deal with religious duty, worship, sacrifices etc.

Kartikeya - name of the commander of Gods army and son of Lord Shiva.

kokila- cuckoo, a bird with sweetest voice.

kripa- kindness, grace

kriya- activity, religious duty.

lowkika- a materialist, wordily.

maya- an illusion; The primordial illusion (ignorance) which hides the Reality of Brahma and projects a false image of the objective world in mind by virtue of which one suffers. 

mula- root, original and firm

nagara-town, city.

nagarika- a citizen, nagarikatva- citizenship

nindita- blamed, abused

nirakar -without a from, imperceptible, formless.

nirbija- seedless.

nirodha- cessation

para- higher, supreme

paramartha jnana- supreme knowledge (of Brahma)

paramatma-God, liberated soul

paurnami-full moon day   

pitriloka( pitruloka)-world of manes or the dead

Prajna -  Consciousness, Brahma, intelligence

prakriti- nature, manifestation

prapancha - the world

prarabdha karma- karma responsible for and operative in the present birth

pratipaksha bhavana- thinking the opposite.

pujya bhavana -reverential thoughts.

purana- ancient, legendary scriptures.

purusha- Brahma, embodied soul.

putradharma-duty of a son to his father

rajadharma-duty  and responsibilities of a king towards his subjects.


sabija - with seed.  

sakar - with a perceptible form.

samasthi- universal,  collective

sanchita karma- karma in store for future lives.

sandhya vandanam-morning and evening worship.

sandhya- dawn, dusk.

sankirtanam- singing devotional songs, chanting

sankranti-sun  leaving one zodiacal sign and entering into another

sat-chit -ananda- existence, consciousness and bliss.

satya sankalpa- concept becoming a reality, a sage whose utterances come true.

shankha- conch

sharanagati- surrender, submission

shastra- scriptures

shastra vasana-attachment to scriptures

surya, saura- sun, solar, related to sun

swara- intonation, high and low pitch in chanting and singing

swarga -heaven

tejas -light, one of the five gross elements.

taijasa- brilliance, light of Brahma in dream state.

tanmaya-becoming engrossed, being one with.

tula- cotton, insignificant

upadesha- teaching, initiation

Upasana - Worship of and meditation on a personal deity

uttarayana- northern movement of sun

Vaastu,vaatospati- a deity presiding over the foundation of a house

vaidya- a doctor in herbal (ayurveda) medicine.

Vaikuntha- an abode of Lord Vishnu, heaven.

vanavasa- forest life

vandita- worshipped

vara- a boon, the best.

varna vibhaga- division of society according to social order or caste.

Varuna- God of waters, oceans and the deity presiding over western quarter.

vastu- an object or an existing thing.

virat-universal manifestation of Brahma, waking state

vishisthadvaita-  the doctrine of qualified (or modified) monism preached by Sri Ramanuja.

vishua -  .time when the sun enters into Aries or Libra at the vernal or autumnal equinox.

viveka khyati- dawn of viveka

viveka- discriminative faculty

vyasthi- related to an individual

vyavahara jnana-knowledge of civilized and practical way of life.

yajnopavita- sacred thread

yama, niyama -observance of religious austerity by physical and mental restraints essential for yoga of meditation.

yama- noninjury, truthfulness, nonstealing, celibacy, nonacceptance of gifts are yama; physical and mental  purity, contentment,  penance, study of scriptures, devotion to God are niyamas.

yugadi- new year day, beginning of an era or year


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