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        Truth is natural, simple, fresh , always pure and unsurpassed in beauty. It is never old or ancient. So is nature , always fresh, new and pleasant. There is no artificiality in nature. Plain simplicity is most attractive and impressive. Look at animals, they live naturally , one with nature and they are happy and peaceful. They eat , sleep, mate and live naturally; there is nothing unnatural and artificial in their life. If man too can live a simple life without hankering for luxuries, kicks and excitements, overloading himself with excessive lust and greed, he too can live happily and peacefully. Only in such peacefulness of plain simplicity he can unravel the mystery about himself and the  universe. Our Rishis and sages in the past lived natural, simple life in remote caves and forests and attained the highest goal of life. Only in plain simplicity can truth shine forth and can be realised and truly understood.

        Be simple, plain, natural and truthful. Be humble and modest in everything in speech, dress and conduct. Be free from modernity and artificiality , vanity and conceit. All these are acquired qualities superimposed on your true nature. They hide your inner reality. Modern man tends to dress, walk, talk and behave artificially to impress someone or for some gains. Such behavior actually impresses that he is fictitiously trying to impress and actually buys him nothing.

        Let you true nature blossom and reveal itself. Let it bloom into a beautiful flower which it really is . It will make you pleasant and everyone around happy. But don't be misled to think that certain qualities like lust, greed, anger, desire ego etc. which have been with you all along are natural. They are acquired qualities from many  previous births and look like natural ones. They indeed cover up and hide your true nature. Your true nature is Truth of unsurpassed purity and beauty. In order to know that Truth you have to give up all artificiality and in all simplicity search within yourself. The one whom you know to be yourself, is not your real self. You only know the outer covering, like the kind of clothes covering the body, as yourself, which is your false-self. Truth can only be known by Truth, never by untruth. So strive to know and realise your true-self. When the heart becomes pure by truthfulness in deed, word and thought the evil of ignorance which covers up the true knowledge will be destroyed and the Truth of all truths will shine forth. The knowledge of that Truth will destroy all your worries and suffering and you will be the fearless master of your own self.

       Birds and animals sleep early at night and rise at dawn and sing the pleasant songs of glory to the rising sun. Our ancients did the same thing and they were all happy. Today nobody sleeps nor rises in conformity with nature. The modern beast of man has created innumerable antinatural means of physical excitements and enjoying those momentary kicks, he suffers all his life. Discard them as they are meant for pigs and worms, and didn't be bothered by them. Live your own pure, natural life. Retire early at night with a prayer to product yourself from the addiction to the so called modern ways of demonic life. Enjoy peaceful sleep and get up early before dawn. Meditate, sing the hymns to the lord of the universe, sing His glory, worship Him in any form or name before you begin your day's duty. This will give a lot contentment, health, wealth, peace of mind and long life.


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Last Updated: Sat Dec 25, 2004