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      Meditation has become necessity to overcome the miseries of modern life and to preserver the balance of mind. A moment of equanimity attained in meditation provides the distressed mind the real happiness and solace to the soul. Meditation is the means to consolidate his scattered energies, gain control over the confusing mind and apply it to solve the problem of the world and the Self.

      Sadhana & Meditation is a practical guide to meditation with the preliminaries and the benefits of it, for people of all levels and all walks of life. Written by a former computer engineer in USA who later turned a yogi and a saint, whose autobiography "scientist's Search for Truth" is quite popular.

       The present book gives a lucid introduction with persuasive reasons to begin meditation and takes the beginner through all aspects of yoga, karma, bhakti jnana to the highest samadhi which culminates in Self - realiation and perfect peace. The scientific analysis used by the author will convince every reader to begin meditation and elevate his own life to full of hope, manning and general prosperity. This book can be profitably used both by beginners as well as advanced students of yoga.       

   Note - Book is available in English, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.

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