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         The Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmasutras and Bhagavadgeeta are the basic tenets of Hindu dharma which is the beacon of India(Bharath) radiating the spiritual knowledge since thousands of years. This is not founded by any single individual. It is our natural way of life, It is known for religiouus tolelrance and preaches that eveyone is free to workship God in any form either as Sakara rupa (saguna Brahman) or Nirakara rupa (Nirguna Brahman)  with sincere devotion and belife.

         'OM' is "akshara' without the begining (adi or alpha) oe end (antya or Omega). It is "Parabrahman" itself. Without 'Om Kara' any type of Japa, Tapas, Homa or Yajna conducted is in vein. By sincere, concentrated meditation on "OM" any body can acquire the ability to cross this ocean of mundane materialistic life (Samsara)

       "OM" is the cause of all mantras. It first produced 'Vyahruthis' and later the three Vedas ( Rllk, Yaju ans Sama) were derived from these.

        The fct that 'OM kara' or 'Uma', has been beautifully explained in the 3rd chapter( kanda) of Kenopanished. When Brahman ( The absolute) appeared in the form of 'Yaksha' to nullify & remove the pride born out of ego (Ahamkara) of devathas, nobody including Agni, Vayu and Indra could comprehend who the TYaksha was. Then finally Uma in feminine from apeared in front of Indra and revealed that the 'Yaksha' was none other than Brahman itself with whose Sankalpa and benediction the entire Universe was manifested. Who this Uma is ? It is Brahma vidya. "OM" is prduct  of 3 Sanskrit letters Aa, U and MA joined together. If these letters are allowed to join in Different was 'Uma' id formed.

       Mandukyopanished commences with a Shloka on the sacred significance of OM

       Everything is OM. What was in the past, what is in the persent, what would mainfest in the feature and whatever can be conceived, is nothing but OM. It is beyond time, space and causation.

      Shri Goudapada, A great sage and Guru of Shri Govinda Bhagawathpada who in turn was the Guru of Shri Shankara Bhagavathpada ( Adi Shankaracharya) has given the scared commentary (" Goudapada Karika') on Mandukyopanishath - Stressing the all pervading significance of 'OM'-

     The mind has to dissolve in 'OM' (Pranava) which itself is fearless Brahman. He who dewells in Omkara always has no fear anywhere, anytime.

     "Pranava' is the beginning, middle and the end of everything. If is is fully comprehended. Then alone anyone dwell in the 'Atmabhava'.

     Omkara is the Ishwara presend in every individual's heart. Any victorious individual who experience all prevading 'Omkara' never weeps.

     The one who fully comprehends this Omkara devoid of mantras; with infinite matras; destroyer of duality and Ishwara itself; is the real sage or Yogi, other not.                                                      Yajurveda ( 15th chapter)

      In thr Raja Rajeshwari Strotra pertaining to shri Vidya and glorifying the all prevading Adishakti as Chakreswari residing in the central Bindu of 'Shri Chakra' Yantra, Omkara is praised .

     There is a beautiful chapter in the 'Chandyoga Upanishad' explaning the relevane of Omkara and its might. To avoid death, devathas first took shelter in Vedas in Vein and finally when they surrendered fully to Omkara, escaped from the fear of Death!

      When we inculcate maditation with Omkara in our daily life we can concquor the fear of death and get illuminated.

    All self realised great sages, Yogis , Siddhi Purushas, Avadhuthas experience this 'Omkara Nada' as anahatha Nada every where, in this creation.

 The split syllables of OM, 'Akara', 'U-kara' and 'Ma-krar' personify Brahma (Creative shakti) Vishnu(preserving shakti or force) and Maheshwara (laya shakti).


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Last Updated: Sat Dec 25, 2004