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Scientist's search for Truth  (ISBN  81-900827-0-1)

    Scientist's search for truth is a fascinating autobiography, which could very well be anybody's, even your own. Swami Virajeshwara gives a thrilling account of his journey towards Self-realisation.

    Note - Book is available in English , Kannada , Tamil and Telugu.






Science of Bhagavad Gita   (ISBN 81-900827-1-X)

    Science of Bhagavadgita is a novel approach to understand Gita through modern science. It covers all aspects of yoga, Vedanta and scientifically clears doubts and objections of critics of religion in lucid flow easily understood by average readers. Attracted by its scientific appeal.

    Note - Book is available in English and Japanese.




Know Your Reality Part 1  (ISBN 81-900827-3-6)

    The person answering the questions is Hamsa also known as Swami Virajeshwara. Although visitors come with many doubts, all are not at easy to ask all their doubts due to some internal or external inhibitions, some find their doubts cleared just in this holy environment without asking, while others forget their questions when reach the place, still others fail to frame their questions properaly and some feel bashful to ask.

    Note - Book is available in English , Kannada and Telugu.





Know Your Reality Part II 

    The Present Part II of the book 'Know your Reality' is a continuation of Part I. It contains answers to aspirant's questions raised since Part I was published. looking at the enthusiastic response of the readers to the earlier book, it was thought that publication of Part II might help further to clarify the doubts remaining in the minds of aspirants.

    Note - Book is available in English and Kannada.





Sadhana & Meditation   (ISBN 81-900827-2-8)

    This book describes "How to do Sadhana ? What constitutes Sadhana ? Can we do something in our spare time ? This will serve the need of many seekers.

    Note - Book is available in English , Kannada , Tamil and Telugu.



Japanese :





Science of Bhagavad Gita with commentary


(A study of ancident wisdom through modern science)

(Translated in Japanese language and published in Tokyo - Japan (June 1998)).


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