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(From book : Know your Reality )

Sample Questions

1. I can meditate for half an hour. Beyond that it is difficult. With recitation of Veda or reflecting on the mantras it is not so difficult. I can sit for an hour or more. But how do you sit and meditate for two three hours? It is just impossible for us to sit that long. Mind does not allow to sit.

2. You have appeared in my dreams many times, and many times my problems have disappeared following the visions. For example, once I had slept with a heavy back ache. You came in dream, held me on my shoulders from back side and gave a sharp jerk. Then when I woke up all my back ache had disappeared. What is this? Do you really come in the dream or is it all my imagination? I had not remembered you before sleeping either.

3. Once I was driving to the Ashramam. I had no petrol when I started, and I could not get petrol anywhere on the way. I came to the Ashramam and on return journey I forgot all about petrol and went back home all the way (about 140 Km) quite safe without fuel. That was a miracle, a real experience. How did it happen?

4. Do the sages who had sakshatkara (God realisation) come to know the future? Ancient Rishis are said to have Trikala Jnana (Knowledge of past, present and future).

5. What is Brahma?

6.Two terms in the book 'Scientist's Search for Truth', Antharmukha and Ananya bhakti were asked to be explained.

7. What is Ananya Bhakti.

8. When and how will I see God?

9. Is renunciation also a form of tapasya? 

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