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Scientist's search for Truth



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        Scientist's search for truth is a fascinating autobiography, which could very well be anybody's, even your own biography, as it lucidly unfolds, page after page, how just an ordinary seeker with usual shortcomings treads the seemingly impossible path and transforms himself from manhood to Godhood.

      Swami Virajeshwara as a young graduate from Mumbai University with lots of ambition but no prior knowledge of yoga, goes to USA. There he begins yoga practice, but is persecuted by racist whites. After earning a Ph. D in polymer physics from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, He works for I.B.M. at its R&D Labs responsible for developing high speed fourth generation computers like IBM-360. 

     Pessimistic of scientific achievements the young scientist renounces everything, goes to Himalayas in search of TRUTH and dives deep into meditation to enquire
"Who am I? What is God ? Why do I exist ?" 

     The search culminates in Self-realisation and eternal peace which elevates the scientist to a saint.

     Absolutely earnest, brilliantly educative to a seeker, at times humorously entertaining, Scientist's search fro Truth reveals what the Realisation actually is in simple words of a Realised person and takes the reader along with the author to the abode of eternal peace.

    Note - Book is available in English , Kannada , Tamil and Telugu.

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