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   Note - Book is available in English and Kannada. ( Pocket book)

      Swami Virajeshwara is a rare 'Atmajnani' living amidst us radiating supreme bliss, infinite grace, unmindful of publicity, fame and expectations of any kind. After obtaining Ph.D. in polymer physics in the America, worked as scientist in the Research lab of IBM in New York in the sixties, returned to India by renouncing every thing, went to Himalayas to know "Who am I" and realised the 'Self' by intense Sadhana and tapas under the tutelage of his guru, Swami Vidyananda Saraswati of Rishikesh.

      In this pocket book, Swami has answered some basic questions and doubts of mortals like us such as 'what is jeevatma? who is God? why the world is full of miseries? what is maya(illusion)? kundalini shakti; multiplicity of Gods in Hindu culture; dualism (dvaita) versus monism (advaita); jnana and bhakti; law of karma; suddhas and miracles; dharma; the ultimate truth' etc in his inamicable style. He has also given effective message to the people of modern day culture for deep contemplation. This book is a beacon for us to tread the path of spirituality (inward journey).

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